M | O | C Cancer Care & Research Centre at Aurangabad is our new cancer daycare and registered hospital that is being operated under the guidance of experienced medical oncologist (cancer specialist) Dr. Prakash Devde.

Dr. Prakash Devde is heading Mumbai Oncocare Centre Aurangabad. He did his MBBS from Government Medical College Aurangabad. MD in medicine from BJ medical college Ahmedabad and DM in medical oncology from Gujarat cancer research institute affiliated to BJMC Ahmedabad. He is the first DM medical oncologist in Marathwada region who started his practice in Aurangabad since 2013. He initially worked with MGM hospital Aurangabad and then he is associated with Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Dhoot Hospital since 2015 till date. He has special interest in management of cancers of lung, head neck, breast and ovary.

He was co author in ?Indian consensus statement for treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer: first line, maintenance and second line? with Author Dr kumar Prabhash published in Indian journal of cancer vol54/issue1/march 2017. He has been awarded as ?Best Consultant Medical oncologist in Maharashtra? in 2016 by Praxis media group initiative. His one of the career objective is to remove stigma of cancer in society and he held various cancer awareness programmes for masses. He is known for empathy, quality and world standard care towards patients.


Specialized Doctors at MOC

  • Dr. Prakash Devde
    Dr. Prakash Devde
    M.B.B.S , M.D. [Medicine], D.M. [Medical Oncology]

    Speciality- Medical Oncologist & Hemato-Oncologist.

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Our Treatments

Bladder cancer
Bladder cancer in Aurangabad

Bladder cancer develops when the cells that compose the urinary bladder start to proliferate uncontrollably. A tumor can emerge when multiple new cancer cells grow; over time, that tumor may spread to other areas of the body.

Blood Cancer
Blood Cancer in Aurangabad

The bone marrow, where blood cells are made, is where the majority of blood malignancies, also known as hematologic tumors, begin. Blood cancers develop when abnormal blood cells begin to expand uncontrollably and interfere with the regular blood cells’ ability to fend off infection and generate new blood cells.

Bone Cancer
Bone Cancer in Aurangabad

One per cent of all cancers is bone cancer. It is rare and diagnosed when bone cells grow in an abnormal pattern. Though it can start in any bone, it is predominantly diagnosed in legs & arms and pelvis long bones. Bone cancer can cause persistent pain, swelling or lump over joints and restrictions on joint mobility. It needs screening to diagnose and begin treatment in time for a cure in time.

Brain Cancer
Brain Cancer in Aurangabad

In place of brain cancer, clinicians frequently refer to brain tumors. The majority of brain tumors can spread via the brain tissue, but they seldom do so to other regions of the body. Even so-called benign brain tumors have the potential to cause catastrophic or even life-threatening damage when they advance and obliterate healthy brain tissue. Brain tumors can alter a person’s thinking, speech, or movement patterns.

Breast cancer
Breast cancer in Aurangabad

One in eight women develops Breast cancer during their lifetime, making it one of the most common cancers worldwide. Breast cancer can affect one or both breasts, which can occur in different parts of the breast, and it is an abnormal growth occurring in the breast that could spread. Almost entirely, these cases are found in women, but men can also develop Breast cancer.

Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer in Aurangabad

The first sign of cervical cancer is when the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection or a change in healthy cells on the surface of the cervix triggers the development of a lump. A growth or tumor on the cervix can develop as a result of a long-term HPV infection that has affected the cervix.

Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer in Aurangabad

Colorectal cancer usually develops in the colon or rectum. According to where they first appear, these malignancies may also be referred to as colon or rectal cancer. Rectal cancer and colon cancer are frequently combined because they share many characteristics.

Endometrial cancer
Endometrial cancer in Aurangabad

The endometrium is the term used for the uterus lining. One type of cancer that starts in the uterus is endometrial cancer.

Esophageal Cancer
Esophageal Cancer in Aurangabad

Cancer of the esophageal tube i.e. the tube that connects the throat to the stomach (also known as the food pipe) (esophagus), is also called esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer starts in the inner layer of the esophageal wall and spreads outward.

Eye Cancer
Eye Cancer in Aurangabad

Eye cancer is the term used to describe any cancer that starts in the eye. Healthy cells in or near the eye undergo a change that causes them to proliferate out of control, resulting in a mass known as a tumor. Other malignancies, however, affect other eye cell types.

Head and Neck Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer in Aurangabad

Cancers that begin in the organs and the tissues of the head and neck are known as head and neck cancers. Oral cavity, Larynx (voice box), throat, lips, mouth, nose, and salivary gland tumors are among them.

Intestinal Cancer
Intestinal Cancer in Aurangabad

Intestinal cancer and colon cancer are other names forcancer of the bowel.Healthy cells in the lining of the intestine alter and grow out of control to form a mass known as a tumor, which is how colon cancer develops.

Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer in Aurangabad

When kidney cells proliferate abnormally and become cancerous, then kidney cancer is identified. The kidney’s lining is where cancerous cells develop and slowly invade the entire organ. It occurs when healthy kidney cells in one or both kidneys proliferate uncontrollably and cluster together.

Liver Cancer
Liver Cancer in Aurangabad

Cancer develops in the cells of the liver. Metastatic cancer, as opposed to liver cancer, refers to cancer that starts in another part of the body which then spreads to the liver.

Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer in Aurangabad

Lung cancer is tumor that develops in the lungs. Cancer develops when the body’s cells begin to develop out of control. The cells lining the bronchi and other areas of the lung, that include the bronchioles or alveoli, are where lung malignancies generally begin.

Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer in Aurangabad

Prior to recent research, it was thought that ovarian cancers solely developed in the ovaries, but it now appears that several ovarian cancers could actually develop in cells at the distal (farther) end of the fallopian tubes. The term “ovarian cancer” is frequently used to refer to malignancies that develop in the ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cells. The malignancies are treated similarly because they are closely related to one another.

Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer in Aurangabad

In pancreatic cancer, healthy cells in the pancreas begin to malfunction and proliferate out of control. These malignant cells can aggregate and develop into a mass known as a tumor. Malignant refers to the ability of a cancerous tumor to develop and metastasize to different body regions.

Pediatric Cancers
Pediatric Cancers in Aurangabad

Cancer in children is rare. The majority of malignancies (99%) occur in adults, while older persons are more frequently affected. One in three people will develop cancer at some point in their lives, compared to one in 285 children who will do so before turning 20. Children can acquire cancer in any region of the body, including the lymphatic and blood systems, the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system, or CNS), the kidneys, and other organs and tissues.

Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer in Aurangabad

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men after skin cancer, and it is the fourth-highest diagnosed cancer globally. This life-threatening cancer develops in the Prostate gland that secretes seminal liquid. This liquid helps to transport and nourish sperm. Some prostate cancers are indolent and do not spread very fast. Some other types spread rapidly, cause an enlarged prostate, and need immediate medical treatment.

Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer in Aurangabad

India experiences more than a million skin cancer cases a year. East and north India are highly susceptible to the disease due to arsenic exposure along the Ganges basin. Skin cancer, prominent among males, is an abnormal growth of cells in the outermost layer of the skin. The mutations are triggered in the epidermis through damaged DNA. Mutations cause the rapid multiplication of skin cells and the development of cancerous tumors.

Stomach Cancer
Stomach Cancer in Aurangabad

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, starts when normal, healthy cells in the stomach develop into an uncontrolled growth known as a tumor.

Testicular Cancer
Testicular Cancer in Aurangabad

Testicular cancer is commonly seen in middle-aged men, with an annual incidence of four cases per lakh people. Cancer develops in the tissues of single or both testicles. Testicles are covered with a loose bag of skin known as the scrotum underneath the penis. Testicular tumors grow in germ cells that produce sperms. Tumors of the testis are also known as testicular germ cell tumors.

Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer in Aurangabad

According to various studies, more than 42 million people have thyroid cancer in India, which has become a prominent cancer form. The thyroid gland is below Adam’s Apple and secretes hormones to regulate heart rate, metabolism, bone development and body temperature.

Uterine Cancer
Uterine Cancer in Aurangabad

One of the most frequent cancers to affect the female reproductive system is uterine cancer. Regular healthy cells in the uterus alter and develop out of control to form a mass known as a tumor, which is how uterine cancer starts.

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Our Services

Chemothaeropy in Aurangabad

Chemotherapy employs drugs to eradicate cancer cells. With this specific cancer therapy, cancer cells are prevented from multiplying, dividing, and generating new cells. A number of cancers can be treated using chemotherapy. Your doctor may refer to chemotherapy as normal chemotherapy, conventional chemotherapy, or cytotoxic chemotherapy. The medicine chemotherapy has an overall body-wide impact. This implies that it circulates throughout the body via the bloodstream. Chemotherapy comes in a variety of forms. Chemotherapy drugs, in general, are strong chemicals that destroy malignant cells at specific stages of the cell cycle. In all living things, new cells are produced by a process called the cell cycle. Chemotherapy has a greater effect on these rapidly multiplying cells because cancer cells go through this cycle faster than healthy cells.

Immunotherapy in Aurangabad

Immunotherapy, a wide term for a class of drugs used to treat cancer, activates the immune system to fight cancer cells. Healthy cells naturally die off, however, cancer cells do not. They proliferate like an untamed copy machine that won’t quit. The immune system, which protects the body from infections and disease, is unable to identify these abnormal cells because they frequently alter or mutate. In order for the immune system to detect and destroy these changed cells, drugs employed in cancer immunotherapy are designed to alert it to their presence. Immunotherapy is a treatment option for several types of cancer. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Targeted Therapy
Targeted Therapy in Aurangabad

Targeted therapy is a method of cancer treatment that identifies and kills specific cancer cell types. Targeted therapy may be used alone or in conjunction with other forms of therapy, including radiation therapy, surgery, conventional chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. Knowing how it functions and what to anticipate can frequently help you get ready for treatment and make wise decisions about your care if your treatment plan calls for targeted therapy. “Targeted therapy” for cancer focuses on particular proteins that control the growth, proliferation, and spread of cancer cells. Precision medicine is built on this principle. As information about the DNA alterations and proteins that feed cancer grows, researchers are better able to create cancer therapies that target these proteins.

Palliative Care
Palliative Care in Aurangabad

Palliative care is a medical treatment designed to enhance the quality of life for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer. It may be administered with or without curative therapy. Along with cancer treatments that aim to stop, slow down or cure cancer, palliative care is a crucial component of medical therapy. Palliative care, according to research, can increase your quality of life and make you feel happier with your medical care. Palliative care may begin as soon as you find that you have cancer and you may continue to get it while undergoing treatment and recovering. For instance, palliative care may be provided to cancer survivors who continue to experience symptoms or side effects after their treatment has finished.

Day Care Centre
Day Care Centre in Aurangabad

Patients with cancer may have to leave their homes to receive the finest cancer care in a hospital setup. This can add to the stress that patients and caregiversundergoes at a difficult time, both emotionally and financially. Through our daycare centre, Mumbai Oncocare Centre hopes to ease the burden on cancer patients and their loved ones. Up until the idea of “Chemotherapy Daycare” was developed, chemotherapies were conventionally exclusively provided in hospital settings due to the difficulties in administration and overall care. Cancer patients benefit in numerous ways from chemotherapy daycare. It delivers convenience to patients while also saving time and money. Mumbai Oncocare Centre is proud to have been the forerunner in the establishment of a chain of chemotherapy daycare facilities across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh for the ease and efficiency of the treatment process.

Paxman Scalp Cooling
Paxman Scalp Cooling in Aurangabad

Scalp Cooling is a technique that prevents hair loss during Chemotherapy for patients suffering with and undergoing cancer treatment. Hair Loss or Alopecia is a known phenomenon which influences decision of taking chemotherapy by patients on some occasions whereas, those who take it for no alternative but chemotherapy do carry a social stigma & loss of confidence in facing society during treatment. Though hair loss is a temporary phenomenon in chemotherapy, it impacts patients to a great extent, most prominently to female patients. Mumbai Oncocare Centre is sensitive to such complexities of cancer treatment and their implications on cancer patients.

Bone Marrow Evaluation
Bone Marrow Evaluation in Aurangabad

Procedures to collect and evaluate bone marrow, the spongy tissue inside some of your bigger bones, include bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy.

Lymphapress in Aurangabad

Lymph edema is a common complication post-surgery in breast cancer patient, this can be dealt with new tools like a lympharesis machine, which reduces it instantly. Mumbai oncocare provides this services to our patients, which is first time in the city.

Genetic Counselling
Genetic Counselling in Aurangabad

Genetic Counselling has gained an immense importance in overall management of cancer patients and its implications on personalizing treatment for patients and alos dealing with the aspects of familial cancers. Genetic tests can identify an increased risk of a caner type or a specific disease, which allows people to take early action to decrease the disease burden. For example, familial risk of breast and ovarian cancer can be determined by testing for three specific genetic mutations in the BCRA1 and BCRA2.

Home Healthcare
Home Healthcare in Aurangabad

Many of us have never heard a service called ‘Home Care’ until the crisis called cancer or medical need arises. It is a specialized home service for cancer patients where in families can avail this services for patients with low mobility, who doesn’t require hospital admission, terminally ill patients requiring palliation or routine medical interventions and medical management at home.

Clinical Research
Clinical Research in Aurangabad

Clinical research has been at the helm of medical affairs worldwide right from the inception of healthcare and it has grown in importance by passing time. In Cancer related treatment interventions, clinical research is all the more relevant as the desired treatment outcomes are hard to come by, sometimes come with minor improvements. Clinical research in Oncology therefore accumulates many such small clinical improvements to make a significant evidence before certifying newer therapies for the treatment. Unfortunately in India, we failed to conduct clinical trials in ethical manner in the past and document it. There are many reasons to it including poor infrastructure and other healthcare priorities for government.

2nd Opinion Clinic
2nd Opinion Clinic in Aurangabad

A second opinion is a medical diagnosis offered by a medical professional or organization other than the one currently treating the patient. The patient or their family or friends give the second doctor access to the patient’s medical information. The second doctor evaluates the records and offers a Second Opinion on the best course of treatment, outlining why it is the best option. In complex circumstances, second opinions offer the chance to review the problem with a panel of experts or a tumor board and suggest the best, most patient-centered course of action. The patient is free to decide whether or not to accept an opinion of their own.

Psycho-Oncology in Aurangabad

By taking into account cancer’s psychic, social, spiritual, emotional, and functional components, psycho-oncology concentrates on comprehending and treating cancer. Psycho-oncological counseling aims to make cancer patients and their loved ones feel less uncertain, anxious, helpless, and confused.

Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board-MDT
Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board-MDT in Aurangabad

A multi-disciplinary tumor board (MDT) is a gathering of medical experts from several cancer treatment modalities that work together to develop treatment strategies for specific patients or to receive second opinions on various cancer treatments. A tumor board is a collection of medical professionals from various specialties who gather periodically at a hospital to talk about cancer patients and exchange information. The purpose of the board is to choose the most effective course of cancer therapy and care for each patient. It is much simpler to develop that approach when you get new viewpoints from various medical professionals.

Onco Nutrition
Onco Nutrition in Aurangabad

A topic everyone has a say about but only the professionals can guide you with the right advice. Food and diet for a cancer patient is often clouded with trends, fad diets, remedies and myths circulating around without a strong backbone of research or even basic science. While a patient is overwhelmed trying all of them, their nutritional requirements are often compromised and the body is deprived of essential nutrients required during cancer treatment leading to malnutrition. A patient’s diet is one of the critical factors that needs to be evaluated and screened for right from the detection of malignancy. Lifestyle change can help the patient in tremendous ways. From physical activity, water intake, moderation in sugar consumption and processed foods are a few examples which can even prevent cancer to start with.

Onco physiotherapy
Onco physiotherapy in Aurangabad

Oncology Physiotherapy is a treatment option for cancer patients who have successfully completed their medication-assisted cancer treatment but are still experiencing adverse effects from chemotherapy and radiation. You might receive physiotherapy in an effort to rehabilitate (bring back to normal) in order to restore function, repair damage, enhance mobility, reduce stiffness and discomfort, and ultimately improve quality of life. In order to assist the body recover and strengthening, physiotherapy is crucial during the healing process. Physical challenges with flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and coordination are common during and after cancer treatment for many patients. Physiotherapy will aid in minimizing the short- and long-term adverse effects of cancer treatment and also help to avoid needless handicaps.

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism in Aurangabad

Medical tourism is the practice of seeking medical care overseas. Millions of people living across the globe travel for medical treatment each year for specialty treatment like cancer and others.

Yoga in general
Yoga in general in Aurangabad

Yoga is primarily an age-old set of activities that include exercise, meditation, emotional and breathing regulation, and breathing control. Yoga is being researched as a means to help cancer patients with their sleep issues and reduce stress. A yoga technique called oncology yoga was developed to address the unique physical and mental needs left behind by cancer and cancer treatments. It is based on scientific research. It is an active practice that combines breathing with movement to lessen the short- and long-term side effects that cancer patients and survivors experience, including bone loss, lymphedema, scar tissue, constipation, neuropathy, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Patient Support Group
Patient Support Group in Aurangabad

Being a part of a cancer support group is beneficial to many individuals who have been diagnosed with the disease. This is a space where you may share your thoughts and struggles with others who have gone through similar situations, and you can use their experiences to help you. A chance to learn from and support one another is provided through support groups for those who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as their caregivers. Support groups can convene offline or online. You can choose to participate in any one or both of these kinds of support groups, and both can be beneficial.

Crowd Funding
Crowd Funding in Aurangabad

Doctors recommend early cancer tumor treatment to alleviate any side effects and to slow the rapid growth of cancer tumors. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and stem cell transplant are the most generally suggested treatments, although they are not always inexpensive. When not attended to in a timely manner, expensive cancer therapy not only compromises your health but also can be fatal. By raising money as soon as possible, cancer crowd funding can assist you in overcoming your illness. With the help of a cancer fundraiser, you can receive assistance by raising little sums from a huge number of people who are pulling for you at the most difficult moment of your life.

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