Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of seeking medical care overseas. Millions of people living across the globe travel for medical treatment each year for specialty treatment like cancer and others.

One might travel abroad for medical treatment for a number of reasons, including:

  • A procedure or treatment option that is not available at their country or more easily available abroad with more expertise.
  • The cost of receiving treatment or having a procedure done that may be more affordable abroad.

Benefits of medical tourism

  • Top-notch medical treatment
    Numerous medical professionals who provide cancer care to patients from other countries have received their training and credentials in Western nations.
  • Price effectiveness and accessibility
    The primary factor influencing people’s decision to receive medical care abroad is the low cost of procedures or treatment with better facilities and infrastructure.
  • Treatment provided Right Away
    Medical tourism gives people who have immigrated from nations with universal public health care/insurance the possibility to be given preferential treatment or treatment without any waiting time.
  • An improvement in flight and communication services
    Online or over-the-phone appointments can be made for the majority of treatments done abroad. From the convenience of their own homes, people can make travel arrangements and set up treatment options.
  • Possibilities for Travel
    A side advantage of medical tourism is the chance to travel; although the main goal is to receive medical care, this is just one of the benefits.

What we provided at MOC

  • Online consultation, 2nd opinion and multi-disciplinary tumour board before arrival for better decision making.
  • Visa invitation & FRRO (Foreign National Regulatory) formalities will be managed by international patient desk.
  • Translators and interpreters for ease of communication during treatment.
  • Local assistance for travel, logistic and economical stay options during the treatment time.
  • Follow-up care protocol for continuous monitoring of the patients and to evaluate disease control.
  • Cancer drugs at subsidized rates during treatment and for carrying it back for further treatment cycles.
  • Continuous follow up with local medical practitioners overseas for better treatment administration and medical management.

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