Chemotherapy centers in india


Chemotherapy is a mainstay and a backbone of any cancer treatment. In the 19th century, chemotherapy was used only to treat patients with advanced stages of cancer i.e. stage III or stage IV cancers. Today, chemotherapy is recommended to treat early stages of cancer. When chemotherapy is combined with other modalities of cancer treatments like surgery or radiation therapy produces synergistic effect to offers patients best treatment outcomes.

Newer therapies like targeted therapy and immunotherapy are also given in combination or in sequence of chemotherapy. It has established to become an inescapable necessity for the treatment of cancer in many cases.

Gone are the days when chemotherapy was feared for its side effects. Science has advanced to such an extent that today we can comfortably manage side effects for patients using various means provided chemotherapy is administered and monitored by doctors qualified to do it. Consultants at Mumbai Oncocare Center are well trained at the institute of high repute for cancer treatment and education in India; ‘Gujrat Cancer Research Institute’. Our consultants have achieved highest grades in their field so as to call them highly qualified medical oncologists. MOC consultants are qualified and experienced to handle chemotherapy administrations and related side effects. We have many satisfied cancer patients who were treated to cure and / or care by our consultants. Our decisions to choose chemotherapy agents are highly evidence based at the same time borne out of wisdom developed by our consultants for treating Indian patients.