Facts and Myths

Cancer is a death Sentence?
NO, More than twelve Millions cancer survivors are living. Thanks to the improved treatment and early diagnosis. Cancer survival is influenced by factor such has type of cancer, how early it was diagnosed, treatment taken as well as person’s age, fitness and medical history.
Apart from 5-8% of cancer which occur in families rest are non-familial and not inheritate from parents to children. The few cancer which can run in families are Ovarian cancer, Breast cancer and Colon cancer, this too if they are occurring to multiple members of family.
No studies have shown that eating sugar will make your cancer worse or that, if you stop eating sugar, your cancer will shrink or disappear.
There is no such data that alkali diet cures cancer till date, its just a social media created news.
People search for easy remedies like herbs, monks, to treat their cancer, however they fail to understand that if this therapies were working , government would have started hospitals giving this kind of therapies. Patients lose precious time in running around for such easy cures.
In general, no Cancer is contagious disease that easily spreads from person to person.
Following standard procedures, surgeons use special methods and take many steps to prevent cancer cells from spreading during biopsies or surgery to remove tumors.
Big No, not according to the best studies completed so far.
Chemo will completely disrupt my life.
The drastic side effects that patients experienced many years ago are not as prevalent today, thanks to medical advances. Fatigue is the most common side effect, and can vary significantly from person to person.Most of the patients carry out their routine work. It’s not required to stay isolated apart from others in a separate air condition room.
Chemotherapy is usually based upon the patient’s weight, general conditions, Kidney function and not on age. Therefore age is usually not an criteria to decide where tha patient will tolerate chemotherapy or not.
Chemotherapy is a routine medicine as antibiotics and usually don’t cause any kind of heat or vomiting during therapy.
NO, there are certain chemotherapy drugs which cause hair loss, which is temporary in nature and usually the hair regrow once the therapy is finished
With advent of newer therapies and drugs to control vomiting only about 5 -10 % of patient experience vomiting, that to is not bothersome and managed by orally antiemetic.
All home based works can be done from the day of chemotherapy itself Outdoor works can be done after 5-7 days of chemotherapy
Chemotherapy or cancer itself is not infectious as such there is no harm in eating together or cooking.
Its absolutely normal to play or sleep with children while on chemotherapy this joyful activities help relive the side effect of chemotherapy.