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Clinical Research

Clinical research has been at the helm of medical affairs worldwide right from the inception of healthcare and it has grown in importance by passing time. In Cancer related treatment interventions, clinical research is all the more relevant as the desired treatment outcomes are hard to come by, sometimes come with minor improvements. Clinical research in Oncology therefore accumulates many such small clinical improvements to make a significant evidence before certifying newer therapies for the treatment. Unfortunately in India, we failed to conduct clinical trials in ethical manner in the past and document it. There are many reasons to it including poor infrastructure and other healthcare priorities for government.

Mumbai Oncocare Center is proud to have launched clinical research wing under the leadership of Dr. Reshma which intends to undertake prospective / intervention based / observational clinical trials as well as retrospective trials to bring about well planned research and analysis to see if Indian trends and data set match with western literature available today or differ peculiarly. Objective is to deliver the best intervention suitable to every patient who walks in to Mumbai Oncocare Center for treatment and improve patient outcomes. Moreover, generated data will add to common reference for all cancer treating physicians and centers in India for their reference.