Day Care Centres in mumbai

Day Care Centre

Conventionally, chemotherapies were administered in hospital setups only because of the complications involved in administration and overall management until concept of ‘Chemotherapy Daycare’ was coined. Chemotherapy Daycare makes difference to cancer patients in many ways. It saves time and money and offers convenience to patients. Mumbai Oncocare Center takes pride to have started a pioneering initiative of chain of chemotherapy daycare centers in Mumbai for the convenience and seamless treatment experience for patients.

What is day care?

Day care is place where patients take their treatment and go back home on the same day, no need of admission overnight.

Why Mumbai Oncocare Centre (Day Care)

  • Mumbai oncocare is the pioneer in day care centres in india
  • Mumbai oncocare makes life hassle free from starting chemotherapy to discharge. For a chemotherapy of 6 hrs the centre manages billing and discharge within the same time frame and avoids discomfort to patient and relatives
  • Mumbai oncocare doesn’t provides mere administration of drugs but a homely atmosphere to patient and relatives along with caring doctors and supportive staff. We are dedicated to provide quality care treatment with human touch
  • We are a chain of day care centre across the city of Mumbai, all four centres are strategically placed in such a manner that we provide a day care centre for patient from any corner of city
  • Mumbai oncocare comprises of a dedicated team of qualified , skilled oncologist at each and every day care centre of ours