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Patients with cancer may have to leave their homes to receive the finest cancer care in a hospital setup. This can add to the stress that patients and caregiversundergoes at a difficult time, both emotionally and financially. Through our daycare centre, Mumbai Oncocare Centre hopes to ease the burden on cancer patients and their loved ones. Up until the idea of “Chemotherapy Daycare” was developed, chemotherapies were conventionally exclusively provided in hospital settings due to the difficulties in administration and overall care. Cancer patients benefit in numerous ways from chemotherapy daycare. It delivers convenience to patients while also saving time and money. Mumbai Oncocare Centre is proud to have been the forerunner in the establishment of a chain of chemotherapy daycare facilities across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh for the ease and efficiency of the treatment process.

Daycare services include:


  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

Supportive Care

  • I/V fluid administration
  • Blood Transfusion& more.

Benefits of cancer daycare

  • The daycare center offers a patient friendly environment where the patient and caregivers can walk in, get treated and be discharged the same day.
  • No disruption to the patient’s regular routine, aiding faster recovery.
  • No overnight or long stay at hospital, patients with compromised immunity are at lesser risk of hospital acquired infections.
  • Services like daycare to cancer patients save a lot of time and are incredibly cost- effective for them.
  • Quick admission and discharge process for valuing time utilization of caregivers.
  • There is a dedicated insurance desk which offers services including cashless benefits and reimbursement of expenses across multiple beneficiary types.
  • The daycare centre is capable of handling any emergency swiftly thanks to the Emergency Room (ER) which is equipped with essential drugs and equipment, if required patients can be shifted to a partner hospital.


  • What is a Cancer Daycare Center?
    The Daycare Center is a full-service cancer clinic with a daycare facility for receiving chemotherapy. It is intended to take care of patients who have been advised to undergo quick cancer therapies and do not need to spend the night in the hospital.
  • Why choose Cancer Daycare Center?
    Patients can save money and time by using daycare services. They go about their regular business as usual. Charges for admission and overnight lodging can be avoided.
  • What support staff is present at the cancer daycare center?
    The presence of an experienced cancer specialist, intensive care specialist throughout the treatment is one of the benefits of a specialized cancer daycare center. All employees, including nurses, technicians, pharmacists, and others, have received training in cancer care. Because of this, it is quite beneficial for patients to discuss their issues and get all concerns answered swiftly.
  • Is the registration process seamless?
    Given that the admission and discharge processes are short, patients do not need to wait in a big line. Keeping medications and documents prepared in accordance with the patient’s treatment plan might speed up the procedure even more if the patient is healthy and has flawless vitals. Our registration, admission, and discharge procedures run smoothly.

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