Hope-MOC to transform the outlook of cancer care in Maharashtra! | Dr. Chandrashekhar Pethe | Cancer Specialist | Hope-MOC


Cancer Care has metamorphosed to become a highly micro-specialized multidisciplinary affair that demands a competently coordinated efforts among Surgical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, Pathologists along with Onco-Nutritionists, Genetic Counselors, Rehabilitation Experts and many other treatment support functions to offer cancer patient an optimum cancer care with highest standards. Each of these modalities of ever progressing cancer treatment has richly evolved to unimaginable advancements that patients need none but the specialist of a kind who understands a particular treatment modality in its deepest sense, content and the context. Multitasking Oncologist is a phenomenon of bygone era!

Medical management of cancer is the cornerstone of cancer treatment which can significantly improve the outcomes in cancer care if employed at the right time & in the right manner along with other modalities like surgery and radiotherapy. Moreover, proximity or an accessibility of a specialized facility dedicated for cancer care offers an unparallel comfort to cancer patients. All of this can only be achieved in the most efficient & most importantly in the cost-effective manner in a decentralized, differential or a customized, state-of-the-art delivery model, using the collective wisdom of the highly qualified and highly experienced team of healthcare practitioners; Medical Oncologists in this context.

"Hope Cancer Institute & Research Centre", a decade old, trusted name for cancer care in Nashik is adapting an innovative oncocare delivery model by joining hands with a cancer daycare major from Mumbai titled "Mumbai Oncocare Centre". Mumbai Oncocare Centre is an innovative, state-of-the art & perhaps the largest chain of Cancer Daycare Centers in Mumbai having all that is required for delivering medical interventions of highest standard in cancer care; available under one roof and in a cost-effective manner. The commitment to provide comprehensive cancer care is a shared vision and a common trait among two of us who are being unified for a cause.

Salient features of the conglomerate will be as follows:
  • - Collective wisdom of 9 highly qualified and richly experienced medical oncologists
  • - State-of-the-art oncology infrastructure best adapted to suit the economies of scale in India
  • - Best of the paramedical human resources trained to efficiently deliver cancer treatment
  • - Improving access to cancer treatment in Nashik and adjoining regions by creating a vividly notable option for patients
  • - Value added services in cancer care to make a comprehensive offering for cancer patients

I am confident that Hope-MOC will improve accessibility, affordability, proximity & flexibility without compromising quality of care for cancer patients as we begin our joint operations from 3rd January 2021.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Pethe

Sr. Consultant Medical Oncologist

Hope-Mumbai Oncocare Centre, Nashik

0253-2510127 | 9322949845


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