Cancer Care in India and Mumbai Oncocare Centre!


Cancer care in India has its own challenges of Physical, Mental & Socio- Economical nature. Government & Administration who influence the policymaking at national and state level, introduce and execute many initiatives to lower the intensity of these challenges in their own way. Independent cancer hospitals, Institutes. community cancer practitioners also contribute to improving patient outcomes and patient satisfaction despite these challenges in their individual capacity.

I must say, when it comes to cancer care, no effort is enough; especially when the government has many other priorities to address before improving healthcare in India and individual cancer practitioners have their own limitations. Mumbai Oncocare Centre (MOC) which is a brainchild of 5 like-minded cancer physicians who thought of addressing this need gap and contribute their bit to improve cancer care in India. MOC is perhaps a unique concept and a chain of dedicated cancer daycare centers in Mumbai with Semi-ICU like facility enabled for handling treatment related emergencies.

Why chain of centers? For an obvious reason that in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, healthcare, especially for a critical illness like cancer should offer proximity, accessibility, and affordability; without compromising quality for patients, Daycare, as the name suggests, is useful for short and long infusions of cancer medicines which can be done over few hours or during the day. This eliminates requirement of 24-hour admission in the hospital which is a matter of physical and financial discomfort to patients.

Is having a comprehensive cancer daycare setup enough? Certainly not! We have also engaged the 'best in class' cancer experts, nursing staff, diagnostic and technical experts who are intensely trained to understand cancer disease and cancer care including treatment and post-treatment care to the best. MOC is proud to have the best of doctors, specifically those having achieved the highest qualification in this field with distinction and years of experience.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre looks forward to continuous improvement as a policy in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects of cancer care. I am happy to announce one such step towards our objective, that is moving into a new and bigger cancer center in Thane. This cancer center is much bigger a facility to help serve more patients than those treated in the current facility in Thane. We hope this will help cancer patients in Thane & periphery in a big way.

Dr. Pritam Kalaskar

M.B.B.S, M.D (Medicine), D.M (Medical Oncology)

Medical and Pediatric Hemato-Oncologist
Mumbai Oncocare Center

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