When it is not just a ‘Swelling’!


We often witness patients presenting with hand swelling, especially those operated for Breast Cancer. It restricts their normal hand movements hence trouble them in their daily chores. It also deteriorates patients aesthetically.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the abnormal drain of fluid that leaks and accumulates into tissue inside body when lymphatic vessels in the body gets blocked / congest due to any medical condition. The lymph vessels carry lymph and immunity cells inside the body to help body fight infections.

Important Terminologies

  • Lymph is a colorless fluid which is also called as Lymphatic Fluid
  • Immune cells are also called as White Blood Cells which fight and prevent body from foreign infections
  • Lymphatic vessels are hollow, semipermeable thin tube like structures inside body using which Lymph travels through the body.

Lymph Nodes are the small glands which are located at frequent intervals across the length of Lymphatic Vessels, which filter bacteria and other harmful substances out of this fluid. When the lymph nodes are removed or damaged by accident; due to surgical procedure or any other reason, lymphatic fluid leaks and collects in the surrounding tissues and makes them swell. Such a swelling is termed as ‘Lymphedema’.

Most often, Lymphedema affects the arms and legs. It is more common for people who have received treatment for Breast cancer or cancers that affect the Urinary tract, Bladder, Kidneys, Prostate, Testicles, or Penis. For people receiving cancer treatment to the head and neck, the neck is the most common site of Lymphedema. But it may also develop below the chin, in the face, and, less often, inside the mouth. Lymphedema may develop immediately after surgery or radiation therapy, or it may occur immediately at the time of treatment; after months or even after years of cancer treatment has been completed.

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