Tobacco & Oral Cavity Cancers


Patients who suffer with Cancer of Head and Neck (HNC), especially oral cavity cancer which is a disease prominent &2nd largest in India, are in a way philanthropic at the cost of their lives. They generously donate to tobacco producers & Government of India through heavy taxes.

Tobacco chewing/smoking are at the core of genesis of HNCs, especially Oral cavity cancers. Infection with Human Papilloma Virus is another important reason.

In our country, people find time & reasons to consume Tobacco over its hazards and fall prey to HNC. Mumbai Oncocare Center calls it a suicidal tendency because treatment outcomes of HNC patients are quite poor. Patients are starved due to incapability to eat in HNCs thereby altered nutrition and worsening of symptoms.

Red / white patches inside the mouth, Ulcers that don't heal easily, Persistent swelling or redness of organs inside mouth & damaged mucosal lining which don't heal are some of the warning signs. If detected early or in a phase prior to cancer (pre-malignant), oral cavity cancers can be treated efficiently.

To conclude, Tobacco is controllable among all the triggers which are prohibited can keep you away from Oral cavity cancer.

Dr. Pritam Kalaskar


Medical & Pediatric Hemato-Oncologist

Mumbai Oncocare Center

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