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CANCER is a word that used to be and still remains a nightmare in the present time is progressing to become a national health issue beyond being a mere disease. 1 in 9 is the estimated incidence of cancer as reported by ICMR which is definitely an alarming number. Cancer becomes all the more complex because of the number of challenges that it subjects cancer patients to, beyond the disease itself.

With a disparity in political, economic and infrastructural conditions in various countries, the standard of cancer care delivery varies and it is unlikely that all patients shall receive the best care, as recommended by international guidelines. In India, the situation is not different because of the diverse demographic, geographical as well as economic conditions. The lack of health literacy in India adds another layer of complexity to the whole situation. Health literacy can be defined in both the senses, that is disease awareness and health insurance.

Despite the high degree of scientific progress and an extraordinary transformation in the way cancers are diagnosed and treated globally, many patients in India, especially middle-class; down to the bottom of the pyramid are deprived a privilege to access it for their good. Challenges can be broadly classified into 3 types.

Accessibility- State-of-the-art facilities are not available in their vicinity or within the distance of convenient reach.

Availability- Highly qualified human resources like experienced oncologists and trained paramedics are not available in the vicinity. Sometimes they are available but for limited hours on specific days only.

Affordability- Majority of the patients cannot afford recurrent and catastrophic cost of cancer treatment. Some of them attempt treatment and suffer chronic financial drain that affects their lives financially.

Cancer patients in India are primarily dependent on 2 facilities which are either subsidized hence cost comforting but subjects them to struggle for treatment in the long ques or; those facilities which offer most advanced care and drain them financially. Most of these facilities are primarily available in metro cities of India where patients from small towns and villages of India travel for the treatment. This system leaves behind a definite CARE GAP which can only be fulfilled by those who can bring the world class cancer care, in their vicinity and in the cost that they can afford.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre, which is emerging as the largest chain of cancer daycares in India; began with a vision to close this care gap and offer a rescue to some if not all cancer patients, who suffer in silence. As an organization, we began in 2017 and has built 16 state-of-the-art cancer treatment facilities, over 50 channel partners and a team of 18 highly qualified and experienced cancer physicians so far, offering world class care to cancer patients at various locations of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in last 5 years.

The very model of Mumbai Oncocare Centre is made decentralized and asset light to achieve accessibility, availability and affordability in cancer care without compromising safety of patients. MOC has treated over 1,00,000 cancer patients so far, especially those who were financially drained due to ongoing treatment, those who decided not to opt for treatment due to total cost burden and those who understand the implications of long-standing treatment and wish to preserve their financial and otherwise resources for future treatments and rehabilitation of patients.

We at MOC are on a mission to reach as many cities as possible across India, with our world class cancer daycares so that a greater number of patients can benefit.

Dr. Vashishth Maniar


Director and Sr. Consultant Medical Oncologist

Mumbai Oncocare Centre

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