Cancer to Mother Paralyses Family !


She carries the responsibility of the entire family on her shoulders yet remains ignored or taken for granted on most of the occasions. Her contribution to our families is assumed and not acknowledged. She is the only binding factors who holds everyone in the family together making us a part of the comprehensive economic unit called family, a trademark of Indian society. I am referring to Mother, a living god on every earth, an epitome of care and compassion present in every family. Her presence makes and absence breaks the family, so is her importance. Every one of us will stand by my observations.

It is not only knowing her importance but being sensitive to her needs, problems matters the most. Those problems can be of any nature and intensity, however, the readiness of her family members towards helping her makes it all. One of such problem that I would like to bring to the surface through my blog is Cancer. Cancer in women has a social impact beyond physical troubles. When she suffers from such a dreadful disease, entire family collapses.

In Indian women, cancer of breast, cervix & ovary are most common and its incidence is increasing every year. Currently, there are about 165000 new cases of breast cancer and 95000 new cases of cervical cancer are found in India every year. Some of these cancers are preventable to a great extent provided females are given right education, awareness, advice, and facilities at right time. Cervical cancer was prevalent in women in villages of India primarily due to poor hygiene of the urinary and vaginal tract and it has slowly moved to urban cities due to lifestyle changes. Cervical cancer is primarily caused by the infection of the virus, 'Human Papilloma Virus' (HPV) acquired by women due to various reasons.

I must also bring out a sensitive yet important risk factor for cervical cancer here. An average age at which girl loses her virginity or becomes sexually active has dropped from 16-17 years a couple of decades ago to 12-13 years in the current era in India. It used to be a western trend which has entered our society out of the adoption of western lifestyle, especially in urban cities. An HPV infection is acquired by girls many a time through sexual transmission at a very early age as compared to earlier. The primary reason for such infection to girls is due to lack of awareness of safe and hygienic sex at that early age. Women who are exposed to multiple sex partners are at higher risk of developing HPV infection thereby cervical cancer if not treated well. Many females are unaware of the fact that cervical cancer vaccines are available in India for the purpose of prevention from HPV infections thereby cervical cancer. These vaccines are effective to a great extent if they are administered at the right age. Consultation of Gynecologist or Oncologist (Cancer treating physician) is recommended for an opinion before administration of this vaccine.

Mumbai Oncocare Center in association with Manavata foundation, Shirdi, Maharashtra has initiated a drive named 'Cancer Free Mother (Cancer Mukta Aai)' to prevent mothers in every house from developing cancer. Term Mother broadly includes females, those who are presently mothers and those who will become mothers in the future. Through this drive, we wish to make female in every family aware of symptoms and risk factors of cancer in women thereby either prevent them from happening through lifestyle modifications and adoption of healthy habits at the same time achieve early detection in cases where prevention is not possible.

This initiative has started from Shirdi with a long-term objective to spread it to different parts of Maharashtra and India in near future. Currently, we have conducted many such awareness programs in Shirdi and outskirts of Shirdi at various forums and social units like small villages, schools, colleges etc. Our latest program was a step ahead in the process where we administered 30 cervical cancer vaccines to girls in Shirdi on 8th December 2018. Details of the program are available on our website Mumbai Oncocare Center and Manavata Foundation are committed to executing many such cancer awareness and prevention initiatives in future and we would like maximum females to benefit out of it. The announcements of our upcoming programs will be available on our website and in regional newspapers of that particular area.

It is said that the Indian Society and Economy are feminine in character as the female in the family efficiently uses resources in the family at the same time binds all members together under one roof. Mumbai Oncocare Center is dedicated to such a need of every mother thereby strengthening families in India and the nation.

Dr. Pradeep Kendre; MBBS. DNB. DM (Medical Oncology)

Medical and Pediatric Hemato-Oncologist

Mumbai Oncocare Center

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