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The Rising incidences of Cancer has become a global phenomenon of the 21st century; so much so in western countries but in a reasonably exigent manner in India. We face dual challenges in India, i.e. the rising incidences of cancer as well as their presentation in advanced stages with a result, the chances of cure are compromised to a large extent. My empirical understanding about the 'westernizing' lifestyle of people of India strengthens my belief that the cancers are arising out of their faulty lifestyle and bad habits like tobacco and presently there is enough evidence available all over the world to prove it.

We understand that the huge amount of money & talent is being spent on creating and advocating faulty lifestyles for the commercial reasons in contrast to a very few who have the will and the wisdom to spend it on educating people on cancer, cancer screening and early diagnosis. It is a matter of pure logic for us that circumscribes cancer awareness, cancer screening and early detection as an integral and a crucial part of comprehensive cancer management. It is all pervasive that the chances of cure and most efficient management is only possible if patients are diagnosed in early or very early stages of cancer. Globally, the repercussions of rising incidences of cancer are somewhat neutralized by the government and private initiatives like mass screening, early detection drives and community education about cancer. it helps them improve the cure rates in those nations. We in India struggle to achieve it as the cancers are diagnosed in late stages even today due to the lack of such community programs. Many lives can be saved if their cancer is detected early and Mumbai Oncocare Centre, to the best of our capacity has an unwavering commitment to implement such cancer awareness, education and cancer screening drives in India. We wish that anyone who has smallest of the doubt or suspicion of any symptom that can possibly be a tumor or cancer should report it to their doctor or oncologist / cancer specialist without any fear of implications. Being conscious about it increases the chances of cure manifold.

Another facet of cancer management where we work proactively is to achieve easy access to the cancer specialists for patients; equally so towards improving the total time spent by the cancer specialist / oncologist with patients. In my understanding, there often prevails a significant communication gap between the treating cancer specialist, the cancer patient himself and their relatives. Often it results in confusion, depression & unavoidable fear lodging in the minds of cancer patients & relatives. Oncologists need to improve their quality & time of interaction with patients to answer all their queries, explain the entire course of treatment in details, explain the pros & cons etc. to buy-in their 100% commitment towards treatment.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre was instituted with all these pressing challenges in cancer management under consideration. The very modus-operandi that MOC works on is to offer patients with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated oncologists in a specific region. MOC believes in empowering the oncologist himself with ample resources and time to think upon how his expertise can be best deployed to address the aforementioned need gaps in cancer management without having to routinely roam around the city with multiple commitments. MOC model allows our oncologists to remain available at one place, keeps them away from the hassles of long distance traveling in overcrowded metropolitan city of Mumbai and shall prospectively, in other cities of India as well, so that they can remain available to patients all the times. We have managed to setup 6 dedicated cancer daycare centers and 3 dedicated cancer consultation OPDs in Mumbai & Nasik put together as we stand today; our OPD at Mulund being the latest addition. We are going to extend the chain of centers to different cities & towns in India in near future.

We believe that so long as the cancer management expert & the cancer treating state-of-the-art facility is available to patients in their vicinity, the likelihood of patients receiving the best care in the best manner increases for best outcomes.

Dr. Ashish Joshi

Director & Consultant Medical Oncologist (Cancer Specialist)

Mumbai Oncocare Centre, Borivali & Vile Parle

For Borivali: 9920767626 / 7506128787

For Vile Parle: 9687619991 / 9833662891

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