MOC Home Care

MOC Home Care

Most of people have never heard phrase called ‘Home Care’ until the crisis called Cancer strikes. It is a rescue mechanism by means of one of the most specialized services that the cancer patients and their families can get when cancer patients are in terminal stage of their disease.

In cancer, many patients are diagnosed into late stages of their disease. Many of the patients treated previously for cancer recur i,e, cancer comes back or progresses from a particular stage to the next. In such circumstances, patients are treated with palliative intent i.e. they are treated with an intent of addressing their pain and discomfort at the same time other physical challenges as curing patient or keeping their disease under control is not possible anymore.

Home care is an increasing need in the current age because of increasing working individuals in families and lack of time to pay attention to such patients in the families despite the desire to do so. Home care involves helping cancer patients and families with best supportive care at home so that their quality of life can be made better. It primarily includes nursing assistance at home as well as treatment from cancer palliative care specialist at doorstep.

MOC Home Care services are intended to help cancer patients and their families by providing access to our specialized and skilled caregivers who provide the following:

  • Consultation & Medication Administration: Highly qualified Palliative Care specialist to administer prescribed medications under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
  • Skilled Nursing: Medication management, tube feeding, wound care and injections.
  • Activities of Daily Living: Bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, meal preparation, feeding, toileting, continence care, transferring, and lifting.
  • Mobility Assistance: Range of motion exercises, assistance with walking, and turning/positioning in bed.

We assists cancer patients in need of home care services who live in private homes, retirement communities, independent and assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, hospitals etc.