Ms. Divya Uchil

BE (Biotechnology), MSc (Genetic Counseling) Genetic Counselor- Oncology

Ms. Divya Uchil is an eminent Genetic Counselor at Mumbai Oncocare Centre. She is a specialist of a kind for ‘Genetic Counseling’ in the arena of hereditary / familial cancers. She has an experience of over 3 years in this profession. She is a dedicated resource available for our cancer patients to offer them genetic counseling which is a need of the hour in cancer specialty. Ms. Divya has previously worked with the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai; in the capacity of Genetic Counselor under the shadow of stalwarts in cancer genetics. Ms. Divya Uchil is available for consultation with prior appointment at all the cancer daycares of Mumbai Oncocare Centre. Micro-understanding of the genomic profile of cancer patients is gaining an extraordinary importance, especially in case of the hereditary cancers (cancers that cascade into families). It helps to understand the natural or acquired defects in the human built at the level of their genes. Genetic tests can also predict the response to specific medicines by the help of which, patient can be offered the bespoke medicines that has the probability of offering maximum benefits and least toxicities to them. Mumbai Oncocare Centre is perhaps among very few cancer centers in India to have a dedicated genetic counselor to help patients envisage and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to cancer in their families thereby work on cancer prevention strategies for relatves in the family.

Divya Udyawar