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Head And Neck Cancer

Head and Neck cancer is a broad subject which covers cancers of oral cavity, tongue, pharynx, larynx (vocal cord), oropharynx, nasopharynx & hypopharynx etc. Oral cavity cancers are very common and on the rise in India. Primary reason for head and neck Cancer, especially cancer of oral cavity is a rampant tobacco consumption in India. Irrespective of the form of tobacco like chewable or smoking tobacco, is a culprit for the genesis of these cancers. Second reason for head and neck cancer can be by a virus called Human Pappiloma Virus. It also significantly contributes to generation of head and neck cancers.

In India, 2,00,000 new cases of head and neck cancer are found every year as reported by Globocan 2018 consensus out of which 1,20,000 patients are that of oral cavity cancers. One can imagine the intensity of oral cancers in India. Vital structures are closely organized in the head and neck region of human beings which increases the complexity of treatment of head and neck cancers.

Cancer of head and neck can be treated using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. At times, bigger size tumors are difficult to operate for cancer surgeons as it can damage other organs which are tightly in contact with site of cancerous organ. Sometimes, operating larger cancers can lead to removal of vital organs leading to loss of function. E.g. Cancer of tongue, if bigger in size may compel surgeon to cut the entire or larger part of tongue which in turn will destroy taste & digestion function for patient. On most of occasions, such cases are referred to medical oncologists for chemotherapy. They give chemotherapy to patients so that large tumors can shrink to small and can be easily operated. Chemotherapy also has a role as maintenance therapy after surgery as well as upfront therapy in cancers of head and neck which are spread or which are in stage IV. Such patients are also offered radiation therapy which is an important part of overall management.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospitals in all its centers i.e. Thane, Ghatkopar, Vile Parle, & Borivali undertake chemotherapy treatment sessions for such head and neck cancer patients in all settings as mentioned above. Doctors of Mumbai Oncocare Centre are trained for chemotherapy treatment in head and neck cancer and has a vast experience of treating such patients with right treatment protocols and administering them at the right time. Doctors of Mumbai Oncocare Centre are experts in managing complications of such a chemotherapy for smooth delivery in cancer patients. Mumbai Oncocare Centre believes in comprehensive care beyond only treatment, hence such patients are referred to cancer surgeons or radiation therapists for further lines of treatment. Over last 2 years, doctors of Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospitals has successfully treated over 900 patients of head and neck cancer, maximum of which are oral cavity cancers.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy treatment hospitals emphasizes on prevention programs of head and neck cancers other than treatment of existing patients. Risk factors of head and neck cancers are highly controllable in nature. E.g. Tobacco is a habit in Indian population if curtailed can achieve massive reduction of head and neck cancers, especially oral cavity cancers in India. Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospitals does a lot of awareness program in physical, print and digital forms to increase awareness in the society about health hazards of tobacco and encourage them to leave this lethal addiction of tobacco.