Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells of cervix, a cylinder-shaped organ that connects vagina with Uterus in females. Cervical cancer till 4-5 years ago was a cancer of highest incidence in India which was taken over by number of new breast cancer cases found in India recently. According to Globocan 2018 report, 97000 new cases of cervical cancer are found every year. The incidences of cervical cancer in India were unevenly distributed over rural and urban areas. Rural areas had proportionately more number of cases.

Human Pappiloma Virus exposure or infection is a leading cause development of cervical cancer in Indian females. There are about 12 types of Human Pappiloma Viruses (HPVs) that are known to cause lethal changes in cervical cells, thereby development of cancer. This infection usually spreads through sexual intercourse.

Most common symptoms of Cervical cancer are as follows.

  • Unusual / unexpected bleeding from vagina- This pain can be either between 2 period dates or while / after having sex or intercourse or anytime after menopause.
  • Pain or discomfort while performing sex
  • Vaginal discharge that has unusual / foul smell
  • Pain in the area between the hip bones (pelvis)

There are vaccines available which offer protection from some types of Human Pappiloma Viruses (HPVs), thereby Cervical cancer. These vaccines should be taken at a specific age only for effective protection. Girls at the age of puberty or before their marriage should take consultation from Gynecologists or cancer specialists (Oncologists) to get this protection by administering cervical cancer vaccines.

Early detection of cancer is a key to cure in any cancer, so as in cervical cancer. Cervical cancer detection can be done using a simple screening test called PAP smear test in which sample of cells from cervix is drawn using a stick like material by female doctor for testing and diagnosis is done. It is important that females above the age of 25 years do PAP smear test annually. PAP smear test is a best and the most economical tool for detection of cervical cancer. Those whose PAP smear test is positive are further subjected to confirmatory tests to find out the stage and grade of cervical cancer before treatment. Early the stage, best are the treatment results!

Mumbai Oncocaare Centre (MOC), a chain of cancer and chemotherapy daycare center that offers treatment by medical interventions in a best cancer care infrastructure and a multidisciplinary medical advice for Cervical cancer at the hands of highly qualified medical oncologists at all of their 8 centers. Vaccination for cervical cancer is also done at all of Mumbai Oncocare Centers (MOC). Mumbai Oncocare Centre offers Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy for cervical cancer treatment. Mumbai Oncocare Centre (MOC) in the wake of their corporate social responsibility organizes many cervical cancer detection camps in entire Mumbai, free of charge for general public with an intention to detect cervical cancer in very early stages so that it can be cured with optimum treatment.