Breast Cancer Specialist

Uncontrolled / abnormal growth leading to physiological and functional changes in the cells of human Breast is termed as breast cancer. Breast cancer can be detected at various stages i.e. stage I to stage Iv. In India, 50-60% breast cancers are found to be in stage II or III at presentation. Incidences of breast cancer are on the rise in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Urbanization and increasing adoption of western lifestyle is assumed to be a triggering factor for increase in the cases of breast cancer.

According to Globocan 2018, approximately 162000 new cases of breast cancer are found in India. Overall burden is of approximately 400000 cases. With the advances in medical sciences, breast cancer is considered to be curable post sufficient treatment in case of very early diagnosis and treatable largely to offer a long term survival and good quality of life.

Breast Cancer treatment can be done using various modalities like breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy & targeted therapy. These treatments can be offered to patients in isolation, in combination or in a sequence according to the disease factors and overall health of the patient. Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospitals undertakes medical interventions for the treatment of Breast Cancer i.e. chemotherapy. Chemotherapy in breast cancer forms a major intervention which can extend survival in cancer patients significantly. Gone are the days when Chemotherapy was only treatment offered to stage IV metastatic breast cancer patients. These days, even in early stages of breast cancer, chemotherapy as a treatment is established in pre-surgical and post-surgical setting.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospitals is one of the high rated cancer treatment hospitals in Mumbai which has highly qualified cancer physicians who have large experience of treating breast cancer patients in Mumbai. All the consultants of Mumbai Oncocare Centre, a chain of cancer chemotherapy hospital, available at Ghatkopar Thane & Borivali carry a special interest in treatment of patients with breast cancer including as a part of their academics. They have successfully treated over 2000 patients of breast cancer in Mumbai. These cancer doctors are trained to handle complications of chemotherapy who ensure that toxicities of chemotherapies are minimized and complications arising are dealt with in a most comfortable fashion.