Thriving as a Kidney Cancer Survivor: Key Points to Keep in Mind


Surviving kidney cancer is truly a remarkable achievement, but it marks the beginning of a new journey. The post-surgery management and treatment process of kidney cancer treatment looks very different than it did even just a few years ago. Medical advancements like targeted therapy and immunotherapy have helped transform the entire treatment paradigm and has greatly improved the time of survival and quality of life.

Your focus should be on doing things that allow you to stay healthy, active and living your best life, whether your treatment is ongoing or has ended.

Here are 6 strategies that will help you thrive as a kidney cancer survivor:

1. Regular follow-ups with an oncologist near you: Maintaining regular follow-up appointments with your healthcare team is vital. These visits will allow oncologists to monitor your progress, conduct necessary tests, and address any concerns or symptoms that may arise. By staying vigilant and proactive, you can catch any potential recurrence or new developments early, increasing the chances of successful treatment.

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Healthy living forms the basis for a better quality of life and is a crucial part of survival after diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer. Healthy lifestyle includes balanced, nutritious meals, exercise and stress management.

3. Protect your kidney health: If part of your treatment involved removing part or whole of one kidney, you will need to prioritize the health of your remaining kidney. To do this, it is important to keep in mind what your oncologist recommends – drinking enough water, taking medications regularly and paying attention to what you eat. Remember, your kidney serves as a filter to remove toxins from your body and keeping the kidney healthy will in turn, ensure good health.

4. Take steps to stay mentally and emotionally healthy: Dealing with the emotional aftermath of kidney cancer treatment is essential. Seek support from friends, family, or support groups to navigate the emotional challenges that may arise. Consider professional counselling or therapy if needed. Taking charge of your mental health is equally important as your physical health.

5. Stay Informed: Continue educating yourself about kidney cancer, treatment advancements, and research. Stay updated on new developments, clinical trials, and emerging treatment options. Knowledge empowers you to actively participate in your own healthcare decisions and advocate for yourself effectively.

6. Celebrate Life: Embrace each day as a survivor and celebrate milestones along your journey. Cultivate gratitude, seek joy, and engage in activities that bring fulfilment and happiness. Surround yourself with a supportive network of loved ones who can provide encouragement and help you find a renewed sense of purpose.

A diagnosis of kidney cancer can be overwhelming; both physically and emotionally. But life doesn’t need to stop. The right treatment strategies combined with coping techniques can help you live a fulfilling life with kidney cancer.

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