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Bladder cancer treatment has undergone significant advancements in recent years, offering new hope and improved outcomes for patients. With the emergence of immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and combination approaches, the landscape of bladder cancer treatment is constantly transforming and evolving.  

Although surgery is the mainstay in bladder cancer treatment, scientists are constantly studying novel drugs and methods of treatment that can improve outcomes.  

Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer  

In the recent years, different immunotherapy drugs, called immune checkpoint inhibitors, have been approved for advanced stages of bladder cancer. Scientists are now trying to develop biomarkers that can help identify patients who will respond better to these immune checkpoint inhibitors. Studies are being done to introduce these drugs (alone or in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy) for the patients in the early stages of bladder cancer. 

Targeted Therapy for Bladder Cancer 

Targeted therapies have emerged as another promising avenue for bladder cancer treatment. These therapies specifically target molecular abnormalities in cancer cells, inhibiting their growth and spread. Erdafitinib was one of the first drugs to be approved in this category. 

Combination Therapy for Bladder Cancer 

Combining different treatment modalities, such as immunotherapy and targeted therapy, has shown promising results in bladder cancer treatment. The synergistic effect of combining these treatments can enhance outcomes and improve survival rates. 

Questions to ask your oncologist  

  • Is this treatment best for my specific type of cancer? 
  • What could be the potential benefits and side effects? 
  • Will I need to undergo any genetic testing before starting treatment? 
  • How soon will I start responding to treatment? 
  • How will I know I am responding to treatment? 
  • Am I getting a combination treatment? Will it help me improve faster? 
  • Will the potential side effect of a combination treatment be higher than a single therapy option? 

Advancements in bladder cancer treatment, particularly in immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and combination approaches, have brought new hope and a lease on life to patients battling cancer. By discussing these advancements with your oncologist and asking relevant questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of these treatment options and make informed decisions about your care. 

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