Appreciating Oncologist on ‘Doctors Day’! | Dr. Taha Sethjiwala | MOC Indore


Doctors Day is a momentous occasion that highlights the indispensable role of healthcare professionals in our lives. When it comes to the diagnosis and management of cancer, oncologists / cancer specialists play a vital role in guiding patients through their journey towards better health.

We, at MOC, commemorate 'Doctors Day' by acknowledging and celebrating their significant contributions in the fight against cancer.

The impact of doctors in the realm of cancer is immeasurable. They possess the expertise and knowledge to accurately diagnose cancer, enabling timely intervention and treatment. Through comprehensive assessments and diagnostic tests, doctors can identify the presence and stage of cancer, providing patients with crucial information to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

A survey conducted by the American Medical Association showed that ‘personal experiences’ of cancer - as a patient, caregiver or volunteer, has a huge role in realizing the calling towards becoming an oncologist.

The job of oncologists / cancer specialists has become all the more challenging due to the constant adaptation needed to cope with the evolving medical diagnostics, therapeutics and the technological advancements associated with cancer care.

Medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists and all those doctors associated with caring for those with cancer act as a unified team, to help provide excellent and compassionate care to those battling this debilitating condition. The progress that the world of technology and therapeutics has made against cancer, would not be possible if not for their painstaking efforts and their empathy, making it possible to give patients the best possible outcomes.

MOC celebrates ‘Oncologists’

At MOC we believe in ‘empathetic care’ and it is through our amazing team of dedicated oncologists and other doctors that we can serve as pillars of support for cancer patients and their families; offering empathy, compassion, and guidance in addition to state-of-the art cancer care throughout the challenging journey.

On Doctors Day, we celebrate the remarkable doctors who dedicate their lives to diagnosing, managing, and preventing cancer. Their expertise, compassion, and commitment are crucial in guiding patients towards better health outcomes.

We, at MOC, express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the unwavering efforts of doctors in the fight against cancer.

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Dr. Taha Sethjiwala
Consultant Medical Oncologist
MOC Indore

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