Stomach Cancer Specialist

Gastric Cancer denotes cancer of stomach region which happens due to uncontrolled growth of inner lining cells of stomach. Stomach cancers are usually found in advanced stages because stomach being a hollow cavity, growth of tumor in stomach does not cause immediate symptoms. Stomach cancers are treatable and they can be almost cured if detected early.

In India, approximately 60000 new cases of stomach cancer are reported in India. Stomach cancers treatments conventionally were assumed to be yielding have poor results primarily because nutritional uptake by patient’s body dramatically goes down, leading to malnutrition while having cancer and during the treatment. This drains out stomach cancer patients completely in terms of required energy.

Primary reasons for stomach cancers are excessive consumption of spicy food, persistent acidity, long standing stomach infections, especially H. Pylori infection, regular tobacco & alcohol etc. In India, food habits are such that people prefer to cook and eat spicy & oily food. Needless to mention that Indian spices are celebrated around the world however excessive and regular consumption of spices in high amounts slowly destroys inner lining of stomach and that increases the risk of developing cancer.

In a city like Mumbai where husband and wife in nuclear families go out and spend lot of time at work and traveling, it is obvious that their food intake and nutrition remains compromised. Hygiene of the food that is consumed by working population in Mumbai and any other metro city for that matter is questionable. These are the deleterious factors that contribute to stomach related disorders like acidity, ulcers and many other in people of Mumbai. All of these are the reasons of raising incidences of stomach cancer in India.

With advancement in medical science, stomach cancer patients are treated in India to produce good outcomes these days. Treatment of stomach cancer involves multimodality approach i.e. stomach cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If stomach cancer patients are diagnosed in early stage of cancer, they can be given a long lease of life with effective treatment options available today.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre is a cancer treatment daycare and hospital available in Thane, Ghatkopar, Sion, Vile Parle, Borivali & Mira Road which deals with stomach / gastric cancer treatment in Mumbai. Mumbai Onocare Centre at Sion is a new center that we have opened very recently. Dr. Udip Maheshwari, Medical Oncologist takes care of it. Doctors at Mumbai Oncocare Centre efficiently undertake chemotherapy for stomach cancer in all centers i.e. Thane, Ghatkopar, Sion, Vile Parle and Borivali. Chemotherapy agents used in stomach cancer are relatively toxic hence should be handled or administered by highly trained chemotherapy doctors who can manage its complications comfortably. All highly qualified cancer treating doctors at Mumbai Oncocare Centre carry vast experience of delivering chemotherapy in stomach cancers. Since inception of Mumbai Oncocare Centre & hospitals, we have treated over 1200 patients of stomach cancer with chemotherapy intervention in all settings i.e. before surgery, after surgery and upfront chemotherapy in stomach cancers.

Mumbai Oncocare Centre is by far the best cancer treatment daycare and hospitals in Thane, Ghatkopar, Sion, Vile Parle, Borivali & Mira Road for medical interventions which offers the most appropriate and efficient treatment to stomach cancer patients at reasonable cost to ensure that patients are able to complete their treatment on time and within their limited budget.